Bentley 001

Bentley 001

Conceived by agency Keko London, the spot was directed in-house at MPC Creative by Rupert Cresswell and created entirely in CG harnessing MPC’s Motion Design studio. The film has been designed to drive buzz and excitement around the new Bentley SUV, a luxury vehicle that will launch in 2016. The film combines converging lines, unique camera moves and sound which triggers light, capturing the vision for the car without revealing its full form.

Agency: Keko London
Production Company: MPC Creative
Director: Rupert Cresswell

Agency Producer: Andrea Walji
Creatives: Piggy Lines & David Kerrigan
Production Company Producer: Sophie Gunn

VFX Producer: Sarah Walsh
VFX Supervisor: Patrick Phoenix

VFX Team: Matteo Morando, Marcus Chaloner & Matthew Campbell